Existential Risk

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Golden Sour Aged in Peach Brandy Barrel (5.7%)

I almost didn’t release this beer because of the name; I think most people will get why. It was named, brewed and put to rest in barrels back in 2018. As it turns out, though, the name and theme of the label touch on very real topics that we’re all dealing with in 2020. One thing that hasn’t been lost during the pandemic is finding joy in the beautiful things that life gives us. Well, guess what? Life may have given us a shit start to 2020, but it also gave us a beer that tastes like drinking a barrel-aged fuzzy peach. Enjoy the life you have, while you have it. 


Please note that this product is not available for pickup @ Wellington Brewery or at Barncat Artisanal Ales due to restrictions by the AGCO

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