About Us

About the Company

Since our launch at the 2015 Great Canadian Homebrew Conference June 20th, we at Short Finger Brewing Co. started as a homebrew supply store. In 2018 we expanded to include a brewery and taproom at 20 Hurst Ave. in Kitchener. As of January 2023, we have transitioned to be a fulltime brewery only and have closed the homebrew store. Please find out more about our interest in mixed-fermentation beers by reading our blog, and by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 


About the Staff

Rob Hern - Owner, Homebrewer, Chief Beer Lover
Rob is a beer lover, BJCP certified judge, and avid homebrewer who has been working in the beer industry for the last ten years. Before that, he attended Trent University, where he spent his days dreaming of one day opening a small brewery. While there, he managed to pay most of his bills by throwing parties. The quality of his beer has come a long way since the days of pitching yeast at the local brew-your-own facility. These days, he spends his time renovating the new space, adding pieces to his brewhouse, supporting local beer bars, and sneaking in a backyard brew when he can.

Mike MacKinnon - Shop Manager, Homebrewer
A New Brunswick transplant, Mike fell in love with KW - and his wife, Paula - after moving here to complete an MA at Laurier in 2006. As well as being a certified BJCP judge, Mike has been active in the local brewing community for 8 years. Mike is always looking for ways to improve his craft while increasing the efficiency of his brew day.  Outside of homebrewing, you can find Mike doing one of the many home reno projects that he refuses to pay someone else to do. Mike's claim to fame is the autographed 1991 Nolan Ryan baseball card that he got in the third grade, unknowingly picking it up in a pack of trading cards with his weekly allowance.

Kat Rogers-Hern - Beer Educator, Competition Organizer, Social Media Director
Kat is an educator, librarian, and beer lover. While she was late to the party and didn't start appreciating beer until her mid-twenties, Rob's passion and enthusiasm for it were contagious. Like any good teacher-librarian, she took the academic approach from Day 1; the more she learned - and sampled - the more she loved it. Kat is a Prud'Homme beer sommelier and certified BJCP judge, and is plunging into the Cicerone certification program. When she isn't dreaming about beer or planning for competitions, she's usually out walking the shop dog, Harley, or taking care of her many plant babies.