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This week, Short Finger is releasing Not Dead Yet for the second time. It's a Nelson and Citra IPA that is quite frankly delicious (if you are into hazy hops). Not Dead Yet is part of our Speaker for the Dead series, and a few people have asked and commented about this. They were wondering why it fell into the series that pays homage to breweries that are no longer with us, given that it isn't a tribute to a specific brewery. The plan had been to open-source this recipe and label it for any brewer, whether professional or homebrewer, to take and use. A beer that was made out of respect for all those who no longer brew, to be brewed by those who remember. 

I didn't release this blog with the first release of this beer, even though I should have. I was struggling with what the correct wording would be for this project. After chatting with the fellas at Third Moon about the idea, I was worried that the project would come off as whiny, and I kind of hated that. The whole idea was to draw people to breweries, knowing that not all the breweries made it to the far side of COVID and all that bullshit. It was never meant to be a charity beer, and it still isn't. Instead, it's a come-buy-beer-and-support-your-local-brewery beer. Help make sure they will stick around through the hard times. 

It was an idea. Even writing it out now, I don't love the wording... but I am not a wordsmith; I'm just a bozo making beer he likes. So, below is the basic recipe for anyone who would like to use it. If you ar interested in using the label art, email me at, and I will pass it along and try to make it over to you to try the beer.

To evil my friends,



Grain Bill:

  • Canadian 2-Row: 66%
  • Chit Malt (1.6 SRM): 6%
  • Canadian Wheat / Oat Malt: 13.89%
  • Oat Malt: 13.89%


  • Bittering Charge: CTZ (or any bitter hop you prefer) - 10 IBU range
  • Whirlpool (85°C): 4 g/L Citra
  • Dry Hop: Nelson Sauvin 18 g/L, Citra 10 g/L (as primary fermentation is finishing)


  • Foggy London Escarpment (or any hazy-appropriate yeast of your choice)



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