Workhorse (In German) - Unfiltered Lagerbier

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Workhorse (In German) - Unfiltered Lagerbier (5%)

We never thought it would happen, but Rob made a lager. No joke. His original name for it was a tribute to his own shock at this fact, but it was a terrible name. Also, there was swearing in it. Instead, he decided to call it Arbeitspferd, which means “workhorse” in German. But then we decided that it might just confuse people… so, we present you with Workhorse (in German). No need to chat proper lagering technique or the ins and outs, just drink and enjoy.
Shit, though… Oktoberfest is canceled. What will all the arbeitspferde do now?


Please note that this product is not available for pickup @ Wellington Brewery or at Barncat Artisanal Ales due to restrictions by the AGCO