SFBC - Dairy Jaws Milkshake IPA - 5 Gallon All Grain Recipe Kit

Dairy Jaws IPA is the direct result of one of our Homebrew Hangout talks that was hosted at Together We're Bitter in the late summer of 2017. This is a New England style IPA base with a lactose addition to produce a thick milkshake. And oh yeah it's an IPA - with an insane amount of hops! The original version of this beer was made with mango puree in secondary. We leave it up to the brewer to decide if/what kind of fruit they would like to add to the brew.

This Recipe Kit Includes:

  • Top Quality Malt
  • SFBC or YCH Vacuum-Sealed Hops
  • Premium Dry Yeast (Liquid Yeast options available)
  • Adjuncts (if required)
  • Grain & Hop Schedule and brewing instructions
  • Irish Moss or Whirlfloc depending on stock. 
  • Hop bags for late addition boil/whirlpool and dry hopping

Please note that the fruit is not included in this recipe.

Estimated ABV: 5.6-5.8%

Estimated IBU's: 35-40

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Makes Approximately: 5 gallons/ 19 liters of beer

For Brew Sheet Instructions including malt bill, hops, and mash schedule please click here.

Please note the following:

  • A physical copy of the brew sheet is sent out with all kits.
  • Liquid yeast may change with seasonality and availability. If the yeast you have selected is not available you will be informed before shipping or pickup.
  • The default yeast for this recipe is Nottingham. Alternate yeast can be selected below including: Escarpment Foggy London or Omega DIPA

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