Sensory Class - Identifying Off Flavours In Beer - Thursday, Dec 7th and 14th

There's nothing better than a good batch of homebrew. There's also nothing worse than putting your heart and soul into a beer only for it to turn out badly. Why does that happen? What causes some of the not-so-tasty smells and flavours that find their way into your batches from time to time? Join us on December 7 and 14 to find out! In this two-session training, we'll work our way through a Comprehensive Sensory Kit from the Siebel Institute. Exploring 25 of the most common flavours and aromas found in beer, we'll discuss how they present, what causes them, and when & how to prevent them. From Acetaldehyde to Vanilla with unpleasant surprises like Butyric Acid and Indole in between, this class has something to offer to novice and experienced homebrewers alike. 

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