Natural Gas Conversion Kit for Hellfire Burner

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The Hellfire burner gas conversion kit includes an orifice ported for natural gas and also a needle valve for flame height control. We recommend you have a professional plumber do any piping if you use a brewing stand. You will not need the propane regulator and propane orifice included with the burner, so store them away should you ever wish to operate on propane in the future. Also, this requires a separate gas shutoff valve, which is not included with the kit.

TopTier™ burners run great on natural gas! Due to the lower energy content of natural gas compared to propane, there is a 15% derate but there's still plenty of heating power. Approximate heat output is 80,000 BTU / hour.

This requires a 6" H20 gas pressure, which is typical for residential locations. We do not recommend installing this product indoors. Consult the manual for required minimum distance from structures.