Mark II Keg and Carboy Washer

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The #1 upgrade to your homebrew kit! Cleaning and sanitzing is so important to homebrewing but also very time consuming. 

The Mark II Keg Washer consists of a 1 gallon basin with a stand mounted in the center that can hold either a carboy or a Cornelius Keg. Positioned below the center of the stand is jet nozzle powered by a submersible 500 gallon per hour pump. The basin is also designed to accommodate brew pails and buckets. The basin is molded as one piece of high density polyethylene for strength and durability. The material of the basin is highly chemically resistant and essentially stain-proof.

The basin is large enough to store stuff used in brewing beer such as bubblers, thermometers, etc. When it's time to clean up, simply fill the basin with PBW and clean any vessels and hoses that were used. It should become a habit of cleaning brewing equipment as you go. If you set equipment aside and let it dry and crust over, it becomes a discouragement to starting the next batch.

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