Maris Otter - Thomas Fawcett (UK)

Maris Otter has long been the favorite of English brewers for its biscuit and slightly nutty flavor.
An excellent malt for any English beer style.

Color °L – 2.3-3.0

Usage Rate- Up to 100%

Storage: Store malts in low humidity, pest free environment with a temperature below  32°C - 90°F

The Fawcett family has been making malt in Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK since the late 1780's. The Company was properly established in 1809 and became a Limited Company just after the first War in 1919.

The Company continues as one of the oldest family controlled and run businesses in the UK. The sixth and seventh generation of Fawcetts are actively involved in directing the activities of the Company today. With over 200 years of experience the Company has the expertise, technology and capability to produce an extensive range of Pale Ale, Crystal and Roasted Malts to a consistently high standard. For more details on Thomas Fawcett Malts please click here. (plus their website is kickass! ;)

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