Lil' Huey

Damson Plum Saison (5.1%)

This beer makes Rob wanna hangout in jazz bars smoking cigarettes while consuming far too much Damson Plum Saison… but that’s not going to happen for a few reasons:
1) smoking is terrible for you and you really shouldn’t do it.
2) There are no jazz bars open with Little Huey on at the moment.
3) Live music is barely a thing again, and we’re not rushing into the fray.

This beer spent a year in neutral oak barrels before it was blended with a light amount of Lando stock and fresh bitter Saison. It was then refermented on Ontario plums for 10 weeks and bottle conditioned.


Please note that this product is not available for pickup @ Wellington Brewery or at Barncat Artisanal Ales due to restrictions by the AGCO

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