LANDO - Batch CE

Style: Barrel Aged Sour Saison Blend

Lando (CE): Current Era 

The main component of this blend used heavy Tettnang hop additions on brew day. It was in neutral oak barrels for 12 months and then spent time on a second-use Simcoe dry hop. This blend has a healthy portion of fresh bitter Lando in it as well. Batch CE has a solid saison character that plays well with the bittering component of the Tettnang. It offers light tartness that plays well with the hop-forward component; the marriage of sour and bitter is not an easy feat. Very close to the “A” batches of Lando, which are a neutral sour, this has a much punchier hop component.


Bottled March 2020

Please note that this product is not available for pickup @ Wellington Brewery or at Barncat Artisanal Ales due to restrictions by the AGCO

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