Blichmann BrewMometer Adjustable Weldless

Adjustable-face thermometers are ideal for homebrewing. The face can be moved to any position, they're great for multi-tier stands. With Blichmann Engineering's patented BrewMometer™, you will no longer have to stoop over or use a stool to read the temperature. With the regular temperature range in °C . the BrewMometer also has suggested "ranges" for the following:

  • Lager Fermentation Temperature
  • Ale Fermentation Temperature
  • Dough-In
  • Protein Rest
  • Starch Conversion
  • Steeping
  • Mash-Out/Sparge
  • Boil

Weldless design with 3" adjustable face. Probe length 3 3/8". Note - This thermometer only reads Celsius.

More info available here.

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