5G Coleman Cooler with 6'' Bazooka Screen

An easy and great way to get into all grain brewing in the small batch ! The 5G Coleman cylinder cooler is a great way to start brewing 3-5 gallon brews. Comes converted into a mash tun with exceptional temperature retaining capabilities due to the insulated walls. You'll notice barely any temperature loss throughout your 1hr+ mash. All components are stainless steel hardware. 

Mash Tun Specifications

  • This is a beginner mash tun great for small batch brewing.
  • Mash max for 5G 1.055  
  • 6'' bazooka screen that will allow you to easily collect wort during your mash and sparge.
  • Brass Sanitary Valve with 1/2'' hose barb
  • 5G Capacity

Tip: Want to build your own mash? Click here, we have everything you need to do it yourself!

Collections: All Equipment, Mash Tuns

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