1 Gallon Brewer's Best Belgian Saison Ingredient Kit

A light bodied, effervescent ale with warm malty flavors and a slight orange hue from the steeping grains. Golden Candi Syrup lends a faint caramel sweetness and a hint of fresh plums. The included Belgian style yeast strain completes this farmhouse style ale by contributing a spicy and peppery background

ABV: 5.25-5.75%

IBU: 20-25

Difficulty: Intermediate

Yield: Approximately 1 Gallon/ 3.78 Liters

Kit Contains:

  • Ingredients: fermentables, specialty grains, hops, and yeast
  • Grain Bag(s)
  • Priming Sugar
  • Bottle Caps
  • Brewing Procedures Glossary

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