Homebrew Hangouts

Be a part of the local homebrewing community in the Tri-Cities area. On the last Wednesday of each month, we will be taking this show on the road. Come on out and meet up with other like-minded homebrewers to share a pint and discuss brewing ingredients, best practices, and personal stories of success - and failure - in a warm and welcoming environment.

Why Should You Come Out?

  • Local pick-up opportunities for any orders placed!
  • Great way to get involved with the local homebrewing community and meet new people
  • Learn new techniques for brewing
  • Listen to featured talks from professionals in the industry 
  • Learn what other homebrewers in the area are doing
  • Create opportunities for collaboration
  • Share stories of success, failure, and experimentation with people who will get it.

Upcoming Homebrew Hangouts and other events.