Short Finger Custom 48 Quart Manifold Cooler Mash Tun

Short Finger Brewing Co. provides custom cooler mash tuns. Complete with copper manifold and 1/2'' sanitary shut off valve. Rectangular cooler with a 48 quart capacity makes it ideal for 5 to Gallon brews. Try something different from the standard igloo cylinder mash tun. Rectangular mash tuns allow you to keep a shallow bed of grain for improved efficiency while brewing. Copper manifold sits in the bottom of your mash bed and is easily removed for cleaning. 1/2'' Sanitary valve is threaded so you can attach a barb to connect siphon hose. We recommend using high temp silicon tubing with mash tun.

Please note this is a custom made item and so product may have a 24-48 hour delay before shipping or pick up is available. The base is 48qt but if requested alternate sizes can be made. Please note that if an alternate size is requested this may adjust the price. Please contact us for all inquiries.

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