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Honey Malt - Gambrinus® (CA)

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Honey Malt is a unique malt that imparts a honey-like flavour and golden colour that results in an intense malt sweetness that is free of roasted or astringent flavours.    This unique malt is comparable to German ‘brumalt’, and melanoidin malt. This is the perfect specialty malt for many styles because of it’s unique qualities and sweet maltiness.

Color °L – 20-33

Usage Rate- Up to 10%

Storage: Store malts in low humidity, pest free environment with a temperature below  32°C - 90°F

Honey Malt is made using a special process by the Gambrinus Malting Corporation, which is a small Canadian malting company based in Armstrong, British Columbia. Gambrinus focuses on specialty malts including organic and kosher products.Gambrinus was established in 1992, for more details click here.