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Bazooka T-Screen

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Stainless Steel Bazooka T-Screen with 1/2" copper T-Fitting. Approximately 11 1/4" in length. The Bazooka T Screen is two stainless steel tubes 6" in length, 1" in diameter, with a 1/2" Copper T outlet in the middle. You can attach tubing to it, or if you would like to thread it inside your Brew Kettles or to the back of a weldless or welded Ball Valves, with a 1/2 in. MPT x 1/2 in. Compression fitting or a simply copper weld. You can then clamp a piece of copper tubing to the compression fitting, and run a short piece of silicone tubing to the T on the screen! The Bazooka T allows you to better filter trub and whole hops from your wort while transferring from your kettle to your fermenter.

Tip: Great for straining out leaf hops in the boil kettle. Please note that pellet hops can clog the screen we recommend bagging and tying off your aroma additions to avoid clogging.