Blichmann Hop Rocket

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The Blichmann Hop Rocket is a great tool for all hop-heads. With three different uses the Blichmann Hop Rocket truly is a versatile brewing tool. Mainly used as a hop back to add an extra hop boost of fresh aroma to any beer. The Hop Rocket can also be used as an in-line hop infuser during dispensing draft beer (Randal). As a in-line Randal infuser you do not need to limit yourself to just hops! Lastly The Hop Rocket can be used as an in-line filter. The HopRocket can fit up to 3oz. of whole leaf hops to add that extra hop kick to any beer!

  • Pressure tight up to 40PSI!
  • Holds up to 3oz. of whole leaf hops
  • 100% Stainless steel construction with silicone gaskets
  • No need to monitor the wort levels as it will not overflow
  • Fine filter with wiper seal sends very clear wort to your fermenter
  • Coarse filter and coned bottom inlet help prevent backup and wort channeling
  • Uses 1/2" NPT connections for a universal fit!

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Tip: An extra benefit with brewing with a Hop Rocket is that the whole leaf hops act as a filter for your hot wort.

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