Homebrew shop is permanently closed. Thank you for all your support over the years.

This Is Like Work

Posted by Rob Hern on

I thought I would take a breather to reflect on the progress we've made on the upcoming shop. I am very happy to announce that we will be open before the Kitchener LRT! The exodus of equipment out of our house has finally ended. I have not yet emptied out the grain reserves, but that is pretty close to becoming a reality. Once this happens and I finish setting the place up, I think we should be soft opened for Christmas 2018. Ha!

To everyone that has been swinging by and picking up orders or helping out, thanks. It really has been a lot of work, and there is a long way to go, but it is very nice to not be in my basement all day. I apologize if I have not been as prompt with the email responses and if a few orders were mixed up. The transition has been a bit of juggling act, but we're getting there. Here's a few highlights:

  • 1. The refrigerated room is up and operational. It happily houses a combination of hops and kegs.
  • 2. All major shelving/racking has been assembled, and is well on its way to being filled.
  • 3. Kat has gone what she refers to as "full Pinterest" on the bathroom.
  • 4. I've installed laminate flooring in the "library" nook, which currently houses a comfy chair and dog bed. Kat's brother, who owns Relic of Canada, will be coming down sometime soon to build a custom book shelf for us.
Lazy Beagle

Harley has been absolutely zero help. But boxes are emptying and the shelves are already full of gear. Luckily, the tap set up is operational; I just installed our nitro tap yesterday and have an Earl Grey tea infused mild on deck. Please feel free to stop in and check out the space if you haven’t already done so. As slowly as things seem to be progressing, I am quite happy with how the space is turning out and can’t wait to officially open the shop up to the community.

Just in case you don’t know me yet, I really have no idea when we'll actually be open and all earlier dates are merely to poke fun at how slow the Kitchener/Waterloo construction is (and how atrocious it is to try and drive anywhere in this tri-city). Big shout out to my neighbours AMICO for tearing apart the city!




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