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Curbside Pick Up Clarification

Posted by Mike MacKinnon on

With the change to online-only shopping, we've run into a few hiccups along the way. The most common one we're facing is to do with selecting curbside pickup as an option at checkout. This is a fairly new feature for our online store and it can be difficult to find (especially if you’ve ordered online with us before). We’ve created this handy cheat sheet (AKA pictures with circles) in the hopes of making it easier for everyone.

When you go to pay for your order, you should see either picture 1 or 2 below (depending on whether it's your first-time shopping online with us or not). Picture 1 is where you will put in your shipping information; this is where you would select the pickup option. Our store defaults to delivery, so you'll need to click “Pick up” (the circled part) for curbside pickup. Once you select it, you should be able to move ahead no problem with the rest of the purchase process. Get your order in by 10AM for same-day pickup (Wednesday through Saturday). Orders in after 10AM will be ready for the next pickup day.

Picture 2 (below) is what you are likely to see if you HAVE shopped online with us before and your information is already in the system. In this case, if you want to select “Curbside Pickup”, you will need to go back to the above picture. In order to this, please click on the “Information” tab (which is circled in the picture below). This will take you back to the page where you can select “Pickup”. Hopefully, this will help you get the beer and supplies you want! This new update has definitely thrown a bit of a wrench in things, but we're hoping that we can all work through it together. 


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