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Sub-Zero Wrap Up + Late to the Party Recipe

Written by Rob Hern


Posted on March 08 2016

I thought I would do a quick follow-up about our recently passed Sub-Zero Homebrew Competition. While I'm at it, I figured I would share the recipe I used to make the collab beer Late To The Party APA. This was definitely the most popular beer SFBC Sub-Zeroat Sunday's award ceremony and tap takeover; the keg was dry before we even started announcing the awards. 

This post is primarily for the people who entered the competition, or for those who are thinking about entering our next one. This time around, we had a total of 84 paid submissions for the contest, which is more than double what we had for Harvest Homebrew last fall. Sub-Zero was not a full competition, since we only used a small selection of BJCP categories, so it was especially great to see so many entries for so few styles.

The beers in the competition came from all over the place, but for the most part they were made by brewers in our community. This was great to see. The main focus of SFBC is to support and build our local homebrewing community, and it was encouraging to see so much interest in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph. That said, we do play well with others. Feel free to tell your homebrewing friends about our next competition, which is coming up in July (details to follow),

I wanted to let the competitors know that I thought the overall quality of the homebrew submitted for this competition was significantly improved from the last one. Now that's SFBC Sub-Zeronot to say that all the beers submitted were amazing… there were some rough beers. But the average level of beers submitted improved.

For everyone who won prizes, congrats; for everyone who received confirmation of a solid beer made, congrats; for those who  received a lower than expected score, don’t sweat it. I tell people all the time that not every beer I make is a winner. It is important as a homebrewer to submit beers for judging in order to improve your craft. If you know the beer you submitted wasn’t perfect, that’s fine. Learn from the judges feedback and work to make your beer better. You didn’t set out in homebrewing to make an “okay,” “passable” beer. You set out to make an amazing beer, but to do that you need to get feedback, take it, and always work to improve.

Every time I brew I learn and I improve my process. I take advantage of as much critical feedback on my beers as I can handle (mostly from Kat). I just wanted to share this post quickly to make sure that brewers were not disheartened by critical feedback, but driven to improve. I've been a little worried about this lately because, as Craig from Innocente put it, I'm “a stone-faced beer assassin, whose palate knows no mercy.” It turns out I was one of the tougher judges in the competition, but I want you all to know I do this out of love! The goal of homebrewing is to have fun, experiment with flavours, and work towards making a product that blows you away. Keep brewing, keep learning.

Recipe: Late to the Party APA

 Style: American Pale Ale OG: 1.052
Type: All Grain FG: 1.012
Calories: 168.77
ABV: 5.23%
Efficiency: 80.00%
IBUs: 1.16
Colour: 5.1 SRM
Boil Size: 53.00L
Preboil OG: 1.050
Batch Size: 48.00L
Carbs: 11
Boil Time: 60 minutes

 Grains & Adjuncts

 Amount Name Time Gravity
19.84 lbs 80.00% Canadian 2-Row 60 mins 1.035
2.20 lbs 8.89% Weyermann Abbey Malt 60 mins 1.037
2.20 lbs 8.89% Wheat, Flaked 60 mins 1.035
8.82 ozs 2.22% Weyermann Acidulated  60 mins 1.030


 Amount IBUs Name Time AA %
2.00g 1.16 Mosaic 60 mins 12.00
165.00g 0.00 Mosaic 0 mins 12.00
35.00g 0.00 Ella 0 mins 14.00
35.00g 0.00 Ella 5 days 14.00
165.00g 0.00 Mosaic 5 days 12.00


 Amount Name Laboratory/ID
3 vials California Ale While Labs 001

Mash Profile

 Grain Temp: 70.00*C Mash Tun Vol Loss: 0.75L
Grain Absorption: 0.13 L/lb Tun Temp Loss: 4.50*C
Cooling Shrinkage: 4.00% Kettle Trub Loss: 0.75L
Hourly Boiloff: 9.00%

Mash Steps

 Sacch' Rest 60 min @ 65.0*C
Add 29.27 L water @ 74.5*C
Fly Sparge
Sparge 38.78 L water @ 76.67*C

Fermentation Steps

 Name Days/Temp
Primary 10 days @ 20.0*C
Secondary 12 days @ 21.0*C


 Force Carbonation
Desired Vol of CO2: 2.60 Vols
Beer Temperature: 71.96*C
Required PSI: 31.60
Required Bars: 2.18


 Brewed in collaboration with Block 3 Brewing Co.




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