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Top 5 Gifts for a Homebrew Holiday

Posted by Kat Rogers-Hern on

Are you looking to buy something special for the homebrewer on your list? Or maybe you're trying to nudge a friend or loved one into a new and deliciously rewarding hobby. Either way, buying the right products for someone's system and level of experience can be challenging. We at SFBC are here to help with our top 5 list of gifts for a homebrew holiday. 

1. The Gift of Education

If there's a novice brewer on your list, it may be worth checking out our Beginner's Guide to Homebrewing Course. We're partnering up with The Local Kitchener and Relish Cooking Studio on Saturday, January 30th to offer a brewing class and tasting facilitation. This hands-on brew day will involve plenty of tips, tricks, and Q & A. 

2. Independent Study 

If a class isn't in the cards, or if you're shopping for a more experienced homebrewer, we'd recommend checking out one of the many books that we have for sale. Continuing education plays an important role in quality homebrewing. John Palmer's "How to Brew" is a must-have for every novice brewer, while "Radical Brewing" by Randy Mosher will provide a challenge for those ready to take the next step. 

3. A Batch of Beer 

We can't imagine a better gift than beer itself. Why not give your favourite homebrewer a new recipe, complete with all of the ingredients necessary to craft it? Our 5 gallon all-grain XPA recipe kit is a great grab-and-go option, as are any of the Brewer's Best extract recipe kits. If you're interested in exploring or building your own recipes, the book "Brewing Classic Styles" comes with 80 great recipes, and the AHA has a huge collection of recipes available on their website. Once you've landed on a recipe, contact Rob (rob@shortfingerbrewing.com) to get support with your order. He can also lend a hand with recipe suggestions, if needed.

4. Upgrades and Accessories 

Equipment upgrades are a homebrewer's dream. While DIY is a big part of the culture of homebrewing, we've all still got our dream equipment. My first major gift to Rob when he started brewing was a pair of Blichmann Floor Standing Burners His first major purchase was their Therminator Stainless Wort Chiller. Ball lock kegs are a great choice for frequent brewers.  While equipment upgrades can be pricey, there are plenty of great accessory options available at a lower price point. Brewer's Best brew belts are great for temperature control, and aeration systems are a huge step up from rocking carboys back and forth. 

5. The Easy Option

Still not sure what to buy? If you've got a picky homebrewer on your hands, or if you're missing some key information about their system or experience, a gift card is always a safe bet. Gift cards are available in denominations of $20, $50, $100, and $200. If you are looking for a different value, e-mail Rob (rob@shortfingerbrewing.com) and he'll be happy to set you up. Each card comes with a unique coupon code; if you have a specific code in mind, feel free to drop us a note during checkout.  

* Honourable Mention:

We are big fans of our swag. Buttons, stickers, posters, and shirts are available here, and are a great addition to any order. 



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