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Our first Homebrew Hangout will take place tomorrow night, July 29th, from 7-9pm at The Bent Elbow in Kitchener. Come out, grab a pint of beer from Harold's excellent selection, and chat about brewing. We'll swap stories, plan for future brews, and coordinate some collaborations. Rob and Kat will also be sharing details of a couple of exciting events that we have on the horizon. Before you come, be sure to place an order on our website in order to take advantage of Hangout pick-up. 

While you are on the site today, please also be sure to check out Rob's newest post, our first Brew-in-Review. This time, he's comparing three different yeasts in his 9.2.5 XPA. Cheers!

SFBC Hombrew Hangout Poster

Kat Rogers-Hern
Kat Rogers-Hern


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